Stepping back in time 500 years...


One-of-a-kind pieces. A full ecommerce site to feast the eyes

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Old to new...

Interi creates home accessories using 16th-18th century church fragments hailing across Europe from places like Florence, Italy, Paris, France to Dublin, Ireland. Interi's fragments are decorated with precious minerals, fossilized coral and shells, and animal skulls from all origins of life. It has become a beautiful way to turn the old & misused to a new & modern aesthetic.


Telling a story with images

We curated and placed each one-of-a-kind piece intentionally in a tailored grid format. For people who want to know what they're buying, we give you an up, close and personal view of it's life and background.  


Getting a closer look

A video series that showcases unique pieces up close and personal. These pieces come to life as they are paraded around on Interi's signature lucite base.